~ RockSolid Custom Concrete Resurfacing ~

Generally there are three types of concrete resurfacing applications:

Stamped Overlay, Texture Coating, Micro-topping Resurface

Preparation work is always the most important part of our process.  Grinding or pressure washing opens the pore's of the existing concrete which allow the product to bond. Hairline cracks can generally be corrected using an epoxy/additive treatment and concrete spalling can be fixed. Structural cracks that are completely through the entire slab can be treated but cannot be warranted not to return. However in the event that the crack returns it is usually a hairline crack. 
Stamped Over lay is a application that allows the option to pour a then layer over existing concrete.  After the surface has been prepped a bond coat of Portland cement and three grades of silica sand with a bonding modifying agent is troweled down.  While the bond coat is still wet we begin to pour a then layer of stamp mix  on to the surface.  The stamp mix is put into place by using a gauge rake so that the correct depth can be spread over the existing concrete.  The Stamp mix is poured around a depth of 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick.  The wet stamp mix is then troweled as smooth as possible.  The Stamp mix will then begin to dry, at the correct time in the drying process the rubber stamp molds are put into place and tamped into the concrete.  After the stamping process the concrete then has to completely cure for 24 hrs.  After curing time a color antique will be sprayed on the surface to create a natural color simulating Rock, Stone, Tile Brick, Wood, etc.... at this point in the application the stamped overlay is ready for a sealer to be applied in a two coat process.  Visit www.prolinestamps.com or www.matcrete.com to see photos of all stamp patterns available.








A textured concrete resurface is a method that can be applied to existing concrete in any color with limitless design possibilities. Textured concrete consists of a Portland cement mixture that is applied using a colored
 base coat at approximately a 1/16 inch depth once preparation work is complete. After the allowable dry time, a design is then taped off using 1/2 inch line tape in the shape of tile, rock, borders or other unique layout for a custom look.  After the desired pattern is in place, a second layer of colored Portland cement is sprayed down. This is similar to the method used in drywall applications known as knockdown texture.  Alternately, a smooth finish can be troweled down for the second coat, depending on the desired overall look that we need to achieve. When the texture coat or smooth finish coat is dry, the tape is removed exposing the primary base coat color to appear as a grout line. The surface is then ready for sealer.
A Broom Finish resurface application can be applied to existing concrete using this product if the desired preference is to fix cracks and spalling getting existing concrete back to a new finish. Color Can be applied to the mix.  Sealer is then applied to protect the surface from moisture.







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