~ RockSolid Custom Concrete Staining ~

Stained concrete is a great interior/exterior flooring option for both residential and commercial projects as the achievable looks are countless. This type of flooring application is not only affordable, but extremely durable and easy to maintain thus making it an ideal application for basements, restaurants, garages, or any where you wish to enhance the look of your concrete flooring.

Concrete acts as a perfect canvas to create elegant and unique works of art using a single, solid color or creating a marbled or mottled appearance with one or more colors. When these staining techniques are combined with decorative saw cuts to mimic tile, taping off patterns, or other distinct measures, the design possibilities with concrete stains are endless. 

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There are three typical categories of concrete stains; acid stains, acetone-based stains or dyes, and water-based stains.

~ Acid Stain ~

Acid stains react with lime and other minerals in the concrete forming a permanent stain that is highly durable.  Every slab of concrete has a different mineral/material make up and therefore reacts with the stain differently and does not allow the applicator to have much control over the color outcome. The longer the stain is left on the concrete, the more the stain will react and deepen the coloring. This type of stain makes color choices slightly more difficult as the resulting colors vary from slab to slab; at the same time, this is what attracts many people to acid stain and makes each job unique. Acid stain is available in approximately 12 different colors and are generally earth tones. 

For acid stain to react appropriately, concrete needs to be completely clean and free from sealer and other topical coatings.  Most stains are usually sprayed down in an inconsistent manner, however different techniques, such as the use of rags and/or mops, can help in achieving more creative effects. Once, the stain has been applied, you will see the chemical reaction taking place and a residue will be produced. This residue needs to be neutralized and thoroughly cleaned before sealing and waxing the stained concrete floor.  Acid stains were once considered the best or only choice among concrete stains, but are quickly going by the wayside as the introduction of newer, more effective and efficient methods of staining have become available. such as acetone-based dyes and water-based stains.  If you have sealer on your floor it either has to be removed or you need to consider the acetone based stains or dyes.

~ Acetone-Based Stains/Dyes ~ 

Acetone-based stains/dyes also react with the concrete, yet this option has many more color choices and provide the customer with more vibrant colors. This type application allows considerably more control over the final outcome of the color when compared to acid staining.  These stains are great for floors that require a more consistent color, but also has the ability to create a mottling or marbled effect if so desired.  This stain has the most versatility and vibrancy, and is much less time consuming than acid stain from start to finish as it does not need to neutralized after. Once the floor dries, typically in less than 30 minutes, sealer can be be put down.

~ Water-based Stains ~

Water based stains have become increasingly popular largely in part because they are a more environmentally friendly stain, especially when compared with the other staining methods.  They are also considered at times to be more user friendly. This application has the most color options and can allow the customer brighter, sometimes a more vibrant effect, than the previous two options and once dry can be sealed.

~ Sealants ~

Stains are generally sealed with a commercial grade polyurethane sealer unless the situation does not allow this product.  The sealer or topcoat that is put on is MUCH MORE important than what "kind" of stain is used.  Generally, a higher solids sealer is more durable. While sealers are extremely durable, care should be taken to preserve the beauty and extend the longevity of the floor.


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