~ RockSolid Custom Concrete Stamping ~

Concrete stamping has taken the leading edge when it comes to exterior, as well as interior, design for concrete finishing. This process involves "stamping" or "impressing" three-dimensional patterns into colored concrete with special stamping tools. When the stamping is complete, the product is then sealed which highlights the colors and provides greater stain and weather resistance. The end result: a surface that combines the beauty of masonry with the durability of concrete.

Stamped concrete is great for driveways, patios, walkways or wherever! Also called "decorative" or "architectural" concrete, stamped concrete incorporate both the durability of concrete and realistic appearance of natural stone. An extensive selection of concrete imprinting and texturing styles make it possible to create virtually any look.. Homeowners and businesses have the freedom to choose a design that fits their need while enjoying the many benefits of decorative concrete, including its beauty, longevity and versatility. The many patterns and textures are so realistic you can't tell the finished product apart from natural products. A multitude of color options and color combinations make it extremely easy to achieve this result; plus, each decorative concrete project takes on its own natural, unique look. In addition to being virtually maintenance-free, stamping eliminates many of the problems associated with alternate products.

~ Why Stamped Concrete instead of Original Surfaces? ~
Brick, pavers, and cobblestone look great, however they form a surface of many interlocking pieces that are suscep
tible to frost-heave and other changes in the underlying ground surface. Sometimes these products can be useful if you're trying to cover an uneven surface as brick, pavers, and cobblestone will conform to the shape of the original ground surface. But if you have a good, flat, level under surface, you'll want your concrete to be laid the same way. Reinforcing rods within the stamped concrete help to tie the pavement together and strengthen it.

Another possible downfall for using bricks, pavers, cobblestone, etc. is they allow for weeds or other unwanted growth to creep up through the cracks. Since stamped concrete is a solid, continuous surface, nothing can grow up through the "cracks." As you may already know, the "cracks" in stamped concrete are simply impressions in the concrete that only partially go through the surface thus eliminating the need to pull or spray weeds.

So if whether you're considering a 6 foot walkway or a massive driveway, remember stamped concrete as a great, lower maintenance alternative.

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