~ RockSolid Custom Epoxy Floor Coatings ~

Metallic epoxy is an extremely vibrant and beautiful choice for flooring that exhibits an abundance of marbling with extraordinary reflective attributes resulting in an unbelievable-looking floor. It is often used in commercial showrooms as the central focal point. This method of flooring can be very difficult to work with if you do not have a clear understanding of how the product lays down and there is a limited window of product time work-ability. Product placement must be quick and well thought out. After years of working to develop the exact technique for placement, we have become highly confident in our ability to provide that gorgeous, showroom focal point for our clients and has become quite a popular, sought after design. The preparation work for a metallic epoxy floor is very similar to that of traditional stained concrete, however the end results differ greatly and is guaranteed to 'wow' everyone.





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